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The parents dropped their case. Clay was a man repeatedly accused of putting his hands down the pants of young boys.

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Parents complained. Superiors investigated. And what happened? The school psychologist called him a victim of hysteria. When monsters roam free, we assume that people in positions of authority ought to be able to catch them if only they did their jobs. But that might be wishful thinking. Clay reminds us, is someone adept not just at preying on children but at confusing, deceiving, and charming the adults responsible for those children—which is something to keep in mind in the case of the scandal at Penn State and the conviction, earlier this year, of the former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on child-molestation charges.

Jerry Sandusky grew up in Washington, Pennsylvania. His father headed the local community recreation center, running sports programs for children. The Sanduskys lived upstairs. My folks touched a lot of kids. We had the largest kickball games in the United States, kickball games with forty kids. Sandusky was a hugger and a grabber and a cutup. Four and a half pages alone are devoted to water-balloon fights that he orchestrated while in college.

He was a kid at heart. Pretending has always been part of me. It upset him. He writes:. Get out of here! I looked at him with sincere tears in my eyes.

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In , Sandusky and his wife started a nonprofit called the Second Mile, to help troubled and disadvantaged boys. At its height, the Second Mile had a budget of millions of dollars and programs that reached tens of thousands of children. Three times, Sandusky was offered head-coaching jobs at other universities. Each time, he said no. The kids came first.

Jerry Sandhaus, PA

I spotted Christopher at the bottom of the stairs. Seeing Christopher at that moment kind of told me all I needed to know. We now know what Sandusky was really doing with the Second Mile. He was setting up a pipeline of young troubled boys. Just as important, though, he was establishing his bona fides. One pedophile she interviewed would hang out in bars, looking for adults who seemed to be having difficulties at home.

He would lend a comforting ear, and then start to help out. As he told van Dam:. I was just a friend doing things a friend would do. Helping them move, going to baseball games with them. And, of course, it made it easy for me to baby-sit. We can off-load the kids with Jimmy. One of the most remarkable and disturbing descriptions of the grooming process comes from a twenty-two-page autobiography published as a chapter in a book about pedophilia by a convicted pedophile named Donald Silva.

In Plain View

After graduating from medical school, Silva met a family with a nine-year-old named Eric. He first sexually molested Eric on a ski trip that the two of them took together. I had recently broken up with Cathy [his girlfriend] when Evelyn, my future wife, arrived for a visit. Eric slept over one night, and the three of us shared a bed for a while. He was going to pretend to be asleep while Evelyn and I made love, but Evelyn declined with him there and went to sleep elsewhere.

To recap: A man uses his new girlfriend to befriend the family of the ten-year-old boy he is molesting. He asks the girl to have sex with him with the ten-year-old lying beside them. She says no. She leaves him alone with his victim— and then he persuades her to marry him. The pedophile is often imagined as the dishevelled old man baldly offering candy to preschoolers. But the truth is that most of the time we have no clue what we are dealing with.

A fellow-teacher at Mr. Would you and your husband stand beside me if it goes to court? Did anyone at Penn State understand what they were dealing with, either? Here was a man who built a sophisticated, multimillion-dollar, fully integrated grooming operation, outsourcing to child-care professionals the task of locating vulnerable children—all the while playing the role of lovable goofball. His defense plays out in front of millions. But when he opens the door and invites in another stray, there is no audience. The ennobling measure of the man is that he has chosen the work that is done without public notice.

There were so many things I had done in my life—so many of them crazy and outlandish. My time on this earth has always been unique. At the times when I found myself searching for maturity, I usually came up with insanity. Crazy Jerry and his horseplay. Who knew what he would get up to next? On the afternoon of May 3, , Sandusky called the home of an eleven-year-old boy he had met through the Second Mile and invited him to a Penn State athletic facility.

Sandusky picked him up that evening. The two wrestled and worked out on the exercise machines. According to the formal investigation of the Sandusky case, conducted by the law firm of the former F. This is standard child-molester tradecraft. The successful pedophile does not select his targets arbitrarily. He culls them from a larger pool, testing and probing until he finds the most vulnerable. Clay, for example, first put himself in a place with easy access to children—an elementary school.

Then he worked his way through his class. He began by simply asking boys if they wanted to stay after school. Children with vigilant parents are too risky. Those who remained were then caressed on the back, first over the shirt and then, if there was no objection from the child, under the shirt. Clay that he had simply been checking their child for signs of chicken pox.

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Those children were not targeted further. In interviews and autobiographies, pedophiles describe their escalation techniques like fly fishermen comparing lures. Consider the child molester van Dam calls Cook:. Some of the little tricks that always work with younger boys are things like always sitting in a sofa, or a chair with big, soft arms if possible.

I would sit with my legs well out and my feet flat on the floor. If they are showing me something, particularly on paper, it is easy to hold the object in such a way that the child will move in between my legs or even perch on my knee very early on. If the boy sat on my lap, or very close in, leaning against me, I would put my arm around him loosely. As this became a part of our relationship, I would advance to two arms around him, and hold him closer and tighter.

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  • Goodbyes would progress from waves, to brief hugs, to kisses on the cheek, to kisses on the mouth in very short order. Sandusky started with wrestling, to make physical touch seem normal. In the shower, the boy initially turned on a showerhead a few feet from Sandusky. Sandusky told him to use the shower next to him.

    This was a test. The boy complied. Then came the bear hug. Sandusky wanted to see how the boy would react. Was this too much too soon? How did the boy feel? Had he told his mother? Was he a promising lead, or too risky? As it turned out, the mother had alerted the University Police Department, and a detective, Ronald Schreffler, was hiding in the house. According to the Freeh report:. Did [the boy] say something happened?

    Sandusky then apologized. A few days later, the mother asked Sandusky to come by the house again; the police were once more in the next room. She questioned him more closely about what had happened in the shower.

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    I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I wish I were dead.

    Four years later he moved on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that had experienced brief success. What followed were a chaotic series of player tragedies and setbacks that sent the team into a slump. A succession of coaches and numerous roster changes failed to revive the team throughout the s. Angelo was associated with the appearance of front office divisions and management mistakes.

    By the late s his year tenure in Tampa Bay was perceived as successful, as the Buccaneers made the playoffs three times from to With new ownership of the franchise, Angelo moved on to the Chicago Bears. Angelo became the Chicago Bears ' general manager in After firing Dick Jauron , Angelo sought a new coach. Nick Saban was the frontrunner, but wanted the GM powers Angelo just acquired. Saban went on to a short tenure with the Miami Dolphins prior to returning to college football. Russ Grimm was the second choice but was not hired. Lovie Smith was hired by Angelo as the coach of the Chicago Bears in The Bears went from 5—11 in , to 11—6 in including a playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers to a team in that went 15—4 after losing Super Bowl XLI to the Indianapolis Colts.

    Angelo was ranked as the eighth best general manager in professional sports in February Following the Super Bowl run, the Bears were mired in player personnel controversies. First, many players, media and fans were upset that head coach Lovie Smith was not given a contract extension, despite being the lowest paid head coach in the NFL and taking his team to the Super Bowl. The Bears eventually relented, granting Smith a 4-year extension after at times bitter negotiations. Then, Angelo traded his leading rusher and locker room favorite, Thomas Jones , plus the Bears 2nd round draft pick, for the Jets' second round draft pick.

    Further damping the Bears off-season was a prolonged contract battle with star linebacker Lance Briggs , who eventually had the franchise tag placed on him. The season saw the Bears go 7—9 and miss the playoffs. Angelo entered the offseason with the mentality that "free agency begins at home.

    On July 24, , the second day of the Bears Training Camp, Williams was forced to leave practice due to back spasms. The Chicago Bears finished with a 9—7 record, and missed the playoffs after losing their season finale to the Houston Texans. You win because of the quarterback. We have to get that position stabilized. Cutler, who had spent three years with Denver, requested to be traded after head coach Josh McDaniels considered replacing him with Matt Cassel.