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Both are from the New England area, but will they both decide to stay in England, or will one of them eventually wish to return to the States? Author: Susan X. However, when she meets Alexa, the host of the meeting, she decides that it is worth it just for the two of them to spend time together. But is Alexa as interested in her as she is in Alexa, or is it better that they simply remain friends? Author: Carsen Taite Landon and Carly are both lawyers working on a high-profile case, presumably to determine which one will get a promotion.

However, the two women develop more than a friendship, and they both wonder whether their career will get in the way of love, or will love get in the way of their careers? Author: Breanna Hughes Stuntwoman Jessie Knight made it a policy years ago not to date co-workers, but when she meets the beautiful actress, Elliot Chase, she starts to change her mind. She then meets Ember Elliot, who has decided to stop playing around and finally look for Ms. But with both of their lives and careers at a turning point, is it possible for Ember to treat Eva with the respect she deserves?

And is their relationship destined to dissolve in the end, or will it last. Author: Q. Kelly A reluctant basketball player from a family of coaches and players, Melissa is playing for Richmond College when she meets Coach Andi Zappa, who is fighting demons of her own. Both devoted to the team, they decide to work hard towards the upcoming championship game, but in the meantime they also find themselves playing with matters of the heart.

Christian is in Fiji for a working vacation, and she is not happy with her uptight roommate. Fate intervenes, however, and sends the two women halfway around the world, and neither of them knows how it will affect their relationship in the end. Author: H. Logan After having her heart broken by her ex, Clare runs into a former classmate, Mary, and their relationship takes both of them by surprise. Author: Caren J. Werlinger When Kathleen heads back to where her grandmother once lived, she brings memories of her brother who drowned there decades earlier.

Her arrival wreaks havoc on the town, many of whom still remember the incident. However, when she meets Molly, the two soon become involved. Author: Mardi Alexander et al. Jodi, a veterinarian, is having problems with her business and finds it difficult to concentrate, but her assistant Cole is working hard to get her back on track. Here are some of the top lesbian romance books that you should be reading… Needing Her Author: Cassandra Michaels A steamy collection of lesbian stories that leave very little to the imagination. Full Bodied in the Vineyard Author: Nicolette Dane Shannon is about to turn 40 and has no special love interest in her life.

Ask, Tell Author: E. Changing Leaves Author: Edie Bryant Gina and Jess have lost touch with one another, partly because of what Gina had done to this lovely woman. A Way with Words Author: Nicolette Dane Evelyn is a writer whose editor is begging for another manuscript, but she is stuck in a rut. Southern Comfort Author: Skyy Katrina has a choice to make.

The Private Life of Jane Maxwell Author: Jenn Gott Jane Maxwell is a comic strip artist who finds herself in a parallel world where her characters come to life and she becomes their leader. Given Away Author: Briar Lane Catie and Anya have been best friends since they can remember, and they are now both planning a wedding.

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The Long Weekend Author: Clare Lydon Nine friends meet for a fun weekend at the English seaside, and their lives intertwine more than any of them were prepared for, but are these relationships weekend flings or meant to last? An Act of Love Author: Nicolette Dane Jessica moves to LA to open a yoga studio, only to find that her long-time friend, Liberty, is now an actress on a television show. Blossom Author: Edie Bryant Olive is happy with her life; Gabby is less so, but when the two meet, Olive is determined to have a relationship with Gabby, even if she has to take things slow to get there.

Dormitory Dearest Author: Nicolette Dane Natasha begins college as a nerd, somewhat introverted and afraid to explore her sexuality, even though she already knows she likes girls. Double Pleasure, Double Pain Author: Nikki Rashan Kyla is a part-time university student who is happy with her four-year relationship with her boyfriend, but when she returns to school and meets Steph, she is surprised by what she is feeling for her. Match Me Author: A.

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Darkness Remains Author: K. Rising Shot Author: S. Back in Service Author: Heidi Lowe Erica returns home after her first year of school and looks forward to seeing her clients again, particularly one of them. Melanie and Her Lipstick Lez Author: Josie Jax When Melanie decides to help her lesbian boss enter a dance contest, she has no idea the type of desire it will produce in her. Dormitory Author: Anja Talbot When Millie switches to a new college, she finds it is better than the older one in many ways, including its selection of women. Friends Forever Author: Briar Lane When Talia gets a call from her best friend, Jamie, who is now married, she expects the two women will merely be catching up about their past, but it soon becomes obvious that there is much more at stake than just two friends chatting about their lives.

Finally Free Author: Eliza Duncan With her two daughters going off to college, Maddie finally decides to do something about the fact that she is gay. Home for the Holidays Author: Karin Kallmaker Milla comes home from the holidays not wanting to concentrate on anything except quiet and tranquility, but when she meets a woman who is unlike anyone she has ever known, she starts to change her mind and desires a walk on the wild side.

As Weak as a Kitten Author: S. Wait for Me Author: Susan X. Stunted Author: Breanna Hughes Stuntwoman Jessie Knight made it a policy years ago not to date co-workers, but when she meets the beautiful actress, Elliot Chase, she starts to change her mind. Their president wore his blond hair slicked back from his face. His eyes were soulful in the harsh lines of his masculine face. He told me their story.

They were on the run from corrupt cops and a sadistic man who conspired to take over their club. Now they were looking for a heroine to help them take back their club with her quick wits and sultry good looks. I told them I was sorry but I had to be in to work by eight. The president nodded sadly before peeling off my blouse. His fingers found the clasp of my bra and unhooked it with practiced ease. He turned me around and pressed me against the door.

Startled commuters watched as we passed station after station. He bunched my skirt up over my hips and tore my panties away with an animalistic growl. Read more Read less. Learn more. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

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Is This Necessary, Doctor? The Vampire Gift 1: Wards of Night. And so there are more and more authors constantly coming on to the market, which is great. And I'm sure that they'll be more and more authors now in all different countries telling their experience as well. Obviously the ones that dominate are UK and US voices. Most stuff is set in the US. So it's mainly US voices that dominate. But of course, there's a lot of places there where it's still not okay to be gay. So they still tell the coming out stories and the difficulties of that. Joanna: And just taking that further, there are a lot of political agendas.

For example, books that portray a marriage for lesbians and gay people. Clare: I think both really. My books tend to be happy happy, so I tend to have it as part of the story. And there will be angst about it, like family reactions to marriage, because that's something that's happened since marriage has become legal [in the US] is that a lot of people have said oh god, coming out, telling your parents you're going to get married is like coming out again, because it's another hurdle.

And I think that's reflected in some of the fiction. Issues are definitely dealt with in lesbian fiction. And issues like domestic violence and marriage, and coming out, and basic societal issues. And I've got to say as well, there's mainstream lesbian fiction as well, so literary fiction I mean. So like say, Sarah Waters. Joanna: Yeah, so, and that's interesting because I believe, I don't know about Sarah Waters, but Jeanette Winterson is a lesbian, is that correct?

Clare: Lesbian fiction is characterized by having lesbians as your main character, not side characters. That's it. Anyone can write lesbian fiction. The sexual orientation for the writer is irrelevant because you're making things up. So essentially anyone can do it. I am a lesbian, I'm writing lesbian fiction, but you don't have to be a lesbian to write to write lesbian fiction. As long as the lead characters are lesbians, and the lesbian voice is heard, then absolutely you can. I don't know the percentage of lesbian fiction that is written by women or lesbians.

I know gay romance is mainly read by women. I think may possibly more than that. There's a huge market there, and women are writing a lot of it. Some people are uncomfortable that lesbian stories are written by non-lesbians. Clare: But it's just the human experience really, isn't it? And anyone can have a go at that. And I think as long as you're not hiding it, because there was some controversy a couple of years ago when I first started about some people writing lesbian fiction, pretending to be lesbians, when they were actually men.

I think that's when people get annoyed about it, and understandably.

My Day by Miranda Joyce

So just be honest about who you are because I've read lesbian fiction by men, and it's been good. Joanna: Well I think that's the point, isn't it? Especially when, let's face it, we're all just human. I have lesbians in one of my books, but they're not the main character, so that wouldn't be lesbian fiction. Clare: Yeah, I like happy books. I just did my podcast today and I do a rundown of the Amazon lesbian fiction charts for the US and the UK as a starting point of that. So that was interesting. I would say, maybe if you have a lot of secondary characters.

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Clare: Yeah, exactly. Maybe she gets away with it because she is a famous lesbian, so there you go. Maybe they'd make an exception for her. Come on Val. It's interesting that non-lesbian authors, the Goldie Awards are the biggest lesbian fiction awards. It's the golden crown literary society. And in , they had their first transgender female to male, they gave a Goldie to a transgender male writing an anthology of lesbian fiction. Joanna: That is slightly confusing. I hope everyone's okay with me saying that.

But that is quite interesting, isn't it? And I think that's so important. And this week, was it this week or last week, we had someone described as non-binary person come out to President Obama while he was in London. She got up and said, I'm not on either scale, and obviously gender is different to sexual orientation as well, which can complicate things.

But I think what's so great is that we do have all of these different spectrums, and we're all obviously have different mindsets about it too, like you said about the readers. Clare: The majority as you would expect are lesbians. People think that lesbian fiction is only read by lesbians. It's not true. Just like any book, anybody can read it, and once you write it, you cannot control who reads it, and that's great. I like that. All my family read it, and they're all big lovers of lesbian fiction now. My dad read my first one of mine recently, that was interesting.

But then again, I think with my fourth book, my Christmas book, All I Want For Christmas, I started to get letters from a lot of men, so clearly, I don't know why, but men started to…maybe men love Christmas books. But I started to get a lot of letters from men. And I've always had male readers, and I don't think that's that surprising because as I said, women read gay fiction and men read lesbian fiction.

I have readers from, straight women, gay women, straight men, and gay men. Gay men read a lot of lesbian fiction as well. There's a lot of crossover, and I have heard, one man said to me that it's the window on a world he'll never experience. And so he's interested in reading it. So that's an interesting take. Joanna: Which is true of any book, isn't really? That's kind of why a lot of the reasons we read is a window into that. I guess maybe I write darker things that I will never experience, and I guess, yeah, that's a really interesting thing. And that's every year.

Polari's a literary salon that runs in the South Bank once a month. And that's pretty big. They get like 2, people once a month go. I've read at Polari, and it's a really event. They have a conference every July somewhere in America. It changes venue every year. And then there's the Rainbow Awards, and that's online, a jury of about people all around the world read the books and vote. And that's LGBT.

Joanna: Yes, super interesting. If people want to include lesbian characters, which of course we should encourage everyone to include different who are not like you…. Clare: I think it's got a lot better really. I think the most stuff I read these days doesn't wire me up more than other book really. I think we've come on leaps and bounds, and that's reflected in society, well the society we live in as we said anyway.

When I was growing up, I remember watching a documentary about some lesbians, and they were in a backyard, and they all had greased hair, and they dungarees, and they were doing up a motorbike. And I thought oh god. I haven't got any dungarees, and I don't know anything about motorbikes. So but hooray, it's all come on now.

I suppose things about being upset or the struggle, everybody does struggle, because it's still not the societal norm or what's expected all the way. But I like to be positive in my books and reflect people that are happy with their sexuality, and it's just another facet of their being. It's not their whole being. So we've come on a great…leaps and bounds, like The Well of Loneliness, Radclyffe Hall, which is a seminal lesbian text, but my god, it's depressing.

We've come on quite a long way since then. Joanna: I guess a lot of earlier generations in the west potentially were unhappy because they might never have met the person that they really wanted to be with or never were able to come out to their family. So perhaps that's why more of that is miserable.

Clare: Well there are haughty, really big selling authors in all the different genres. I can give you some examples of those if you'd like. Clare: The one I first got into was Georgia Beers , and she's American, and she writes lesbian romance, very contemporary, cozy I suppose, cozy lesbian romance. She's very good at it, and all her books are great. Gerri Hill is another classic who's quite reliable. She writes lesbian romance and lesbian mystery cop drama things.

And if you want a mystery kind of thriller, Cari Hunter's very good. Her Dark Peak series is awesome.


It's like if Scott and Bailey were lesbians, and younger. Well the older one was younger. And we all thought about that, or was it just me? Sci-fi, Fletcher DeLancey's very good. Her Caphenon series is awesome, and she's been on my podcast, and she's very lovely. And she also met her wife, as her wife contacted her because she liked her writing. So that's another, and I've heard that happen quite a lot. I know a few of those who've met their partners because they met a reader.

So that's a nice byproduct, isn't it? Clare: Yeah, and there are new authors coming out all the time. I read one last year, a debut author, G Benson wrote a book called All the Little Moments, and it was about a woman whose brother and wife died in a car crash, and she's left with the guardianship of his kids.

And it was just brilliantly written. I sobbed from about page one. I'm a sucker for a sob story. So yeah, that was really, really good. But yeah, and obviously mine. Clare: I do a podcast once a month and it's part of the Lesbian Lounge podcast. I've done 19 episodes now, so 19 months it's been running.

And people seem to like it, so that's good. Obviously regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the protagonists, you write romance, which I don't think is that different regardless of who's going through it, to be honest. And you've got this latest series, All I Want. Clare: My first book is London Calling, and then I wrote a follow up, which follows one of the secondary characters in her quest for romance.

And then the All I Want series is a bit different in that it has the two lead characters getting together in the first book, and then I'm following as they progress in their romance in a calendar year. So isn't that beautiful? See what I did there? That's a little bit different because it's following two characters who already got together. That probably flies in the face of what most romance, most people say romance should be. But I just thought I'd try it. It's something different. I suppose romance books generally should have the first tingle of love, some trepidation, dilemma, first kiss, first sex if you're going to include that, first fight, and then commitment betrayal, and then love conquers all and happily ever after basically.

Always a happy ever after. Joanna: That's so funny you said that because while I was looking at some romance books, because I don't really read romance, and I saw this has HEA in it, like in the sales description on Amazon, it says has HEA. And I was like what is HEA? And I had to Google it. And it's Happily Ever After. What do they call that?

Urban slang? This book has HEA. Clare: I never heard that until I started writing romance. And I still didn't hear it until about a year in, so I don't think I knew what it was when I was a reader reading a blurb. I'd be like, what's that? Joanna: That is so hardcore, isn't it? But that to me, like you just said about weepy, like wanting a weepy, that's what I would say is a love story.

So Nicholas Sparks, who is probably the most well-known man writing in a romantic genre. But I think Nicholas Sparks writes a love story, because The Notebook, in particular, is that really weepy one. Clare: No weepies yet, but never say never. With my second book, The Long Weekend, it's about a group of friend who go away to celebrate 20 years since they met at university.

One reviewer said it's like a lesbian Peter's Friends.