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Im Alltag Ruhe finden: Meditationen für ein gelassenes Leben

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  • Want to Read saving…. What if "paying attention on purpose and non-judgmentally" could improve your health? Again, according to Dr. Kabat-Zinn, it can. We are all vulnerable to addiction. Why are bad habits so hard to overcome? Is there a key to conquering the cravings we know are unhealthy for us? This book provides groundbreaking answers to the most important questions about addiction. Jon Kabat-Zinn makes it clear that the essence of meditative practice lies in how one lives one's life from moment to moment, in all its aspects and relationships, and not merely in formal meditative practices.

    This program offers an experience of mindfulness that is entirely congruent with our lives in the 21st Century: It is effective, portable, and easily adopted - a perfect antidote to life in the fast lane. If you've ever struggled with depression or know someone who has, take heart: Mindfulness practice is a simple, powerful way to naturally break depression's self-perpetuating cycle.

    With The Mindful Way Through Depression , four leading researchers present insightful lessons drawn from both Eastern meditative traditions and cognitive therapy about how to triumph over this illness - and, more importantly, how to prevent it from striking again. Join best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil for these helpful house calls in audio, and get the information you need to improve your health safely and naturally. The art of mindfulness can transform our struggles with food - and renew our sense of pleasure, appreciation, and satisfaction with eating.

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    Drawing on recent research and integrating her experiences as a physician and meditation teacher, Dr. Jan Bays offers a wonderfully clear presentation of what mindfulness is and how it can help with food issues. Ebooks and Manuals

    Mindful eating is an approach that involves bringing one's full attention to the process of eating - to all the tastes, smells, thoughts, and feelings that arise during a meal. More than 20 years ago, Jon Kabat-Zinn changed the way we thought about awareness in everyday life with his now-classic introduction to mindfulness, Wherever You Go, There You Are. He followed that up with 's Coming to Our Senses , the definitive book for our time on the connection between mindfulness and our well-being on every level: physical, cognitive, emotional, social, planetary and spiritual.

    Now, Coming to Our Senses is being repackaged into four smaller books, each focusing on a different aspect of mindfulness, and each with a new foreword written by the author. Kabat-Zinn focuses on the 'how' of mindfulness - explaining how meditation brings us into intimate relationship with all our senses, how to establish a formal meditation practice and how to overcome some of the common obstacles to incorporating meditation into daily life in an age of perpetual self-distraction. By 'coming to our senses' both literally and metaphorically we can become more compassionate, more embodied, more aware human beings and, in the process, contribute to the healing of the body politic as well as our own lives in ways both little and big.

    Mindfulness - the quality of attention that combines full awareness with acceptance of each moment, just as it is - is gaining broad acceptance among mental health professionals as an adjunct to treatment. This little audiobook is a very appealing introduction to mindfulness meditation for children and their parents. In a simple and accessible way, it describes what mindfulness is and how mindfulness-based practices can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware.

    Now, Coming to Our Senses is being repackaged into four smaller books, each focusing on a different aspect of mindfulness and each with a new foreword written by the author.

    Im Alltag Ruhe finden 07: Üben, üben, üben! - Auf dem eigenen Weg üben - Erwachen - Jon Kabat-Zinn

    In the first of these books, Meditation Is Not What You Think which was originally published as part I and part II of Coming to Our Senses , Kabat-Zinn focuses on the 'what' and the 'why' of mindfulness - explaining why meditation is not for the 'fainthearted', how meditation can actually be a radical act of love and why paying attention is so supremely important.